Sticker Application

2017 - 2019 Transfer Station Sticker Application 


Please email the Public Works office for a current application or apply in person

You may mail in the application or apply for the sticker in person at the Town Hall: 

459 Main Street 

Medfield, MA 02052

To All Residents of Medfield

The Transfer Station and Recycling Committee has met frequently over the past year due to increased pressures on the transfer station facility. The Committee has explored several options for the Medfield Transfer Station (MTS) including “Pay-As-You-Throw,” high permit fees, and a combination of approaches. The Committee judged that the Community would prefer a small fee rather than more onerous, costly, and inconvenient options.

Price Change

On March 21, 2017, the Medfield Board of Selectmen approved a change in the current sticker price for the MTS There will be a $75 fee per transfer station sticker for the first vehicle and a $25 fee for the second vehicle. The sticker will be valid for a two year period.

The Committee did not approach the idea of charging for a sticker lightly and understands that any fee is widely unpopular for residents. However the Committee has determined current illicit use of the MTS (Medfield Transfer Stations) is resulting in increasing consequential costs to the Town’s taxpayers. The Committee estimates that Medfield Taxpayers are expending in excess of $30,000 for disposal of illegal trash at the MTS The cost of trash disposal is rising in surrounding communities and resulting in increased illegal usage of your MTS. The MTS is fully funded through the property tax and should only be available to Medfield residents.


The revised MTS sticker program will address non-resident use of the MTS as well as failure of current residents to apply for a permit. Applications are available at the Town Hall, 459 Main Street and on the town’s website at You may apply for the sticker in person at the Town Hall during business hours. 

All residents will be required to show proof of residency through vehicle registration and/or insurance forms. All vehicles must be registered in the Town of Medfield. If a vehicle is leased, the insurance certificate must list the Town of Medfield as the place where it is principally garaged.

Cover Costs

The fee will cover the cost of the new stickers and implementation of the new program, and provide funding for a heightened recycling initiative. Although the Town is a mandatory recycling town the Committee feels that we can increase the amount of recycling by residents by improving awareness of the recycling options at the MTS It is less expensive for taxpayers to recycle suitable material than if they place those materials on the MTS tip floor. 

The Town will also use a portion of the fee for enforcement efforts at the MTS The Town will utilize public safety personnel as well as volunteers to ensure compliance with the new sticker system and regulations.


The economical, environmentally sensitive, and efficient operation of the MTS will, of course, only be effected through the cooperation of us all. Members of the Committee urge that suggestions related to the regulation and operation of the MTS be directed to the Committee in care of the Board of Selectmen.


If you have any questions, please call 508-906-3003.