Warrant Committee

Member Term Expires
Deborah Cartisser
Emily McCabe2026
Jillian Rafter2026
Pete Saladino2024
Robert Sliney*2024
Edward Vozzella2024
Brent Nelson2025
Peter Michelson2025
Stephen Callahan*2025

* Co-Chairpersons

Committee Information

The Warrant Committee is a nine-member committee appointed by the Town Moderator. The Warrant Committee is responsible for recommending the annual town budget for a vote by the Town Meeting and making a recommendation on each Warrant Article at all Annual and Special Town Meetings. The Committee fulfills all the duties of a Finance Committee as required by Massachusetts General Laws.

Additional information about the responsibilities of the Warrant Committee may be found in:


The Warrant Committee begins meeting in early November through Town Meeting. The Committee meets with all departments and/or Boards and Committees who submit a budget or warrant article for Town Meeting.  The Committee is responsible for holding a public hearing not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Town Meeting to inform the residents of its proposed recommendations and to hear testimony and argument before publication of the Committee’s final recommendations.

The Warrant Committee encourages all residents to be involved in the budget process prior to attendance at Town Meeting.

  1. Robert Sliney

    Co-Chairperson, Warrant Committee

  2. Stephen Callahan

    Co-Chairperson, Warrant Committee

  3. Kristine Trierweiler

    Town Administrator

  4. Andrew Foster

    Town Accountant

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