Straw Hat Park Steering Committee

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Committee Information

In 2013 the Board of Selectmen formed the Pocket Park Steering Committee (now known as the Straw Hat Park Steering Committee).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pocket Park Steering Committee is to transform the park into a multi-generational, interactive destination through sustainable design for individuals and small groups to interact and relax in a natural setting.

Things Addressed by Committee

The park design will address environmental, social and physical well-being considerations through passive recreation for pedestrians and will:

  1. Be enduring and self-sufficient to meet human needs while preserving the environment, and minimizing demand for municipal resources, including:
    • ADA accessibility
    • Town commitment to low but regularly scheduled seasonal maintenance (Operation and Maintenance Plan)
    • Sustainable best practices with a focus on water conservation, energy efficiency, recycling, reduced pollution, and minimal maintenance (example: Lawn free park)
    • Incorporate existing land features: [hillside, low point, other?]
  2. Involve a wide range of participants to create an inviting park for friends and strangers to gather or meet by chance, building trust and social networks through face to face contact, including:
    • Unique or fun design elements to attract visitors
    • Game/play/art elements to encourage social interactions
    • Honoring past history to strengthen connection to community
    • Contribute to positive street life through human activity
    • Flexible spaces comfortable for individuals or groups
    • Potentially develop a “friends” group for programming, maintenance, fund raising, etc.
  3. Maintain the view and access to nature within downtown’s built environment to support physical well being including:
    • Non-smoking park
    • Amenities for strollers, bikes, walkers, [and dogs ?]
    • Well-lit, safe walking places
    • Provide a mentally comfortable setting minimizing noise
    • Design primarily for unstructured passive recreation within the park
    • Artistic expression integrated within natural beauty