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The Council on Aging’s mission is to foster an atmosphere of wellness during the aging process among Medfield's senior population. We address the emotional, social, physical and often spiritual needs of older individuals and their families. Our goal is to enhance our member’s quality of life and promote independence through our varied programs, active social events, wide services and confidential referrals.  Visit us at The Center or call us to learn more about how we can meet the needs of our elder community members during their life journey.

Read our current newsletter, listed below, to learn about activities and upcoming events.

Special Announcements

                                HISTORY OF JAZZ RESCHEDULED

The "History of Jazz" event, originally scheduled at The Center on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:30 pm, is RESCHEDULED to March 18th at 6:30 pm

Personnel Changes at The Center

The following is a message from Robert Lynch - COA Director:

They say nothing stays the same and change is good! I do believe that, but often with mixed emotions.  Bill Pardi has been with the COA for 8 years and recently he gave his notice to retire, again! First from the Post Office 8 years ago and now from the COA.  He plans to enjoy life with his wife Pat, who is also retiring from the Town of Norwood.  Bill is a man of energy and has been instrumental in increasing participation, developing programs, driving everywhere, fixing anything; he has supported the COA and the Center in so many ways.  Please join me on Thursday, March 7 from 2-4 for a celebration of Bill, his contributions, his caring and all the support he has given to so many people and to the Center.                                                            

Another change happening at the Center, our long time board member, Michael Clancy submitted his resignation from the board.  Mr. Clancy began guiding and assisting the COA in November 2009.  He has worked for over 10 years understanding, supporting and carrying out the COA’s mission. On behalf of the Council on Aging, I would like to thank Mike for his years of service and we appreciate his contributions to the Center.  

With an open seat on the COA board, if  you have interest in volunteering your time for the COA, please stop in and see me.  I can provide you with, “A Guide for Board Members”, a booklet that gives information on roles and responsibilities.  Letters of interest may be sent to my attention on or before February 18 and I will then forward them to Town Hall and the COA Board.

Tax Time is Here...Get Your Biggest Return Possible

On February 26th at 11:30 AM, State Representative Shawn Dooley, along with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, will be hosting a seminar on the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit. The Circuit Breaker is a tax credit for senior citizens whose property payments (property tax + half of water and sewer bills) account for more than 10% of their annual income, which offers a $1 credit for each dollar their property tax and half of their water and sewer bills exceed this threshold. Come learn if you are eligible and, if so, how to claim these credits for this year and the three prior years

Care Giving Library Coming Soon

Caregiving for a parent or loved one can be rewarding and satisfying. Caregiving, although an immensely  gratifying activity, can also be extremely stressful and difficult to navigate. The Center will be introducing a lending library offering books specific to the needs of those people that find themselves in the position of caring for a loved one. Our goal is to provide current literature on best practice techniques and strategies.  This information will aid in assisting the caregiver while enabling them to be empowered and the best                        prepared they can be to tackle this experience with confidence and finesse. Do you have a favorite resource or book that you think would be a great addition to our new Caregiver                    library? Please send your ideas to Lisa Marie Donovan or 508-359-3665        


With winter upon us it is important to remind you that when Medfield schools are closed due to inclement weather, the Center at Medfield is closed and all programs are cancelled.  If the schools have a 2 hour delay, the Center will also have a 2 hour delay (opening at 11 a.m.  instead of 9 a.m.).  Also, all scheduled programs are weather permitting.  If we determine that it is unsafe for trips, activities and/or transportation, the COA can cancel any program at any time.  It is important to be sure to write your phone number down on any sign up sheet, so we have easy access to informing you of any changes in our schedule.

Fuel Assistance

Fall is Here, Winter is Coming—Fuel Assistance is Available! Need help paying for fuel this winter? You are not alone.  We can help with fuel assistance!!
Fuel assistance helps thousands of local families with home heating bills each year. Did you know, fuel assistance is not just for oil, gas, or electricity, if you heat your home with a pellet or wood stove you may receive assistance with that too!    The application process may seem daunting and I am happy to assist you in this task! 

The application period is from November 1, 2018- April 30, 2019.  If you previously received fuel assistance you should have received a renewal application in the mail.  If it has not arrived, simply call SMOC at 508-620-2342 and they will re-issue another one for you.  If you are new to fuel assistance and are wondering if you might qualify, I am happy to meet with you and go through the application process. 

Please contact the Center at  508-359-3665 and ask for Lisa Marie Donovan, Outreach Coordinator, for a confidential appointment.

Saturday Hours at the Center

The Center at Medfield has grown tremendously over the last ten years. As home to the Medfield Council on Aging, the Center’s presence has evolved into an active and vibrant community, offering over 900 seniors an extensive and broad range of activities, resources and events. A grant was submitted to MetroWest Health Foundation in October 2017 for funding to open our doors on Saturdays. And it was approved! Plan to visit the Center for programming each Saturday from 10:00 a.m.— 3:00 p.m.                               



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