What kind of public access will there be if the sale is approved?

Presently, the entire campus is open to the public as Town property. While Trinity will take ownership of approximately 45 acres to develop the brick buildings into apartment units (if Special Town Meeting approves), the Town will retain key parts of the campus which will ensure public access in and through the property and continued public enjoyment of open space and recreational areas. 

The Town will still own the following areas totaling approximately 82 acres:

  • The Green (the open green space leading up to the core campus)
  • The Arboretum (the cottage area, near the Stonegate entrance)
  • The North Field “unbuildable” area (the open space to the north of the core campus
  • The Water Tower Parcel 
  • All of the former hospital land south of Hospital Road 

The map below shows the parts of the Medfield State Hospital that Trinity would purchase with the yellow overlay. 

Trinity is not constructing a gated community.   The roads will remain public roads, like any other public way in Medfield.  During due diligence and as part of the Land Disposition Agreement, the Town and Trinity will develop an easement plan to formalize how the public will be able to access amenities and parking on areas of the campus acquired by Trinity. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 12.23.36 PM

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1. What is the status of the Medfield State Hospital redevelopment effort?
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11. What costs has the Town incurred since purchasing the Medfield State Hospital from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Has the Town generated revenue from leasing out the property?
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14. What kind of public access will there be if the sale is approved?
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21. Will there be housing options reserved for seniors on site?
22. What about public access?