What about public access?

Trinity is purchasing the areas known as the Core Campus, West Slope, and a small portion of the North Field around Building #13. The Town is retaining the balance of the North Field, the Green, the Arboretum, and all the land south of Hospital Road. 

Public Access will be allowed within and throughout the Medfield State Hospital similar to today. The roads and sidewalks will be public roads and sidewalks, like any neighborhood in Medfield. This will allow visitors to drive and walk around the campus to access the Bellforge buildings (Cultural Alliance of Medfield), the Charles River Overlook and other state-owned land and trails, as well as all of the land that the Town is retaining.  

 In addition, the Town is securing easements, to enable passage east and west across the campus to the two state-owned pastures that abut the hospital property. Lastly, the Town and Trinity will continue to provide access to groups such as the Norfolk Hunt Club in the same manner that they use the hospital property today.

 The below map provides a sketch outline of the area that Trinity would purchase in blue. The orange lines represent easements across Trinity’s property for public use, and the purple outline shows the premises leased to the Cultural Alliance of Medfield (Bellforge).