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To add one of the following iCalendar feeds to your calendar:
  1. Right click on the calendar that interests you and select Copy Shortcut. This will copy the link to your clipboard.
  2. Paste the link into the appropriate area of your calendar program.


  1. Affordable Housing Trust
  2. ALS Study Committee
  3. Annual Town Meeting
  4. Blake Middle School Site Council
  5. Board of Assessors
  6. Board of Health
  7. Board of Registrars
  8. Board of Selectmen Name Change Committee
  9. Board of Water and Sewerage
  10. Capital Budget Committee
  11. Cemetery Commission
  12. Collective Bargaining Committee
  13. Committee to Study Memorials
  14. Community Choice Aggregation Committee
  15. Community Events
  16. Conservation Commission
  17. Conservation Commission Hearing
  18. Council on Aging
  19. Cultural Council
  20. Dale Street School Building Committee
  21. Dale Street Site Council
  22. Dog Control Bylaw Committee
  23. Economic Development Committee
  24. Enterprise Fund Committee
  25. Fire Chief Selection Committee
  26. Health Insurance Advisory Committee
  27. Highway Department
  28. Historic Commission
  29. Historic District Commission
  30. Kingsbury Pond Committee
  31. Library Trustees
  32. Main Calendar on Homepage
  33. Medfield Energy Committee
  34. Medfield High School Site Council
  35. Medfield Historical Commission
  1. Medfield Housing Authority
  2. Medfield Outreach
  3. Medfield State Hospital
  4. Medfield State Hospital Development Committee
  5. Medfield Wildlife Committee
  6. Memorial Day Committee
  7. Memorial School Site Council
  8. MSH Building and Grounds Committee
  9. MSH Master Planning Committee
  10. MSHMPC Communications Subcommittee (CSC)
  11. OPEB Trust Fund Committee
  12. Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee
  13. Parks and Recreation
  14. Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee
  15. Permanent Planning and Building Committee
  16. Personnel Board
  17. Planning Board
  18. Police Chief Search Committee
  19. Public Works
  20. Rail Trail Study Committee Meeting
  21. School Building Bylaw Review Committee
  22. School Building Committee
  23. School Committee
  24. Select Board
  25. Sign Advisory Board
  26. State Hospital Public Improvement Plan Group
  27. Town Clerk
  28. Town Finance
  29. Town Moderator
  30. Town Services
  31. Townwide Master Planning Committee
  32. Transfer Station and Recycling Committee
  33. Warrant Committee
  34. Wheelock School Site Council
  35. Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings