Laws & Regulations

Election & Town Meeting Laws & Regulations


  • Annual Town Elections - Twentieth day preceding
  • Annual Town Meeting - Twentieth day preceding
  • Special Town Elections - Twentieth day preceding
  • Special Town Meeting - Tenth day preceding

Absentee Voting - Obtaining Applications and Mailing of Ballots

Any form of written communication evidencing a desire to have an absentee voting ballot be sent for use for an election shall be given the same effect as an application made in the form prescribed by the state secretary. No application shall be deemed to be filed unless it is received in the office of the town clerk before noon on the day preceding the election. 

No ballot shall be mailed, until an application has first been filed with the clerk. Said application may request an absentee ballot for each regular or special election which occurs within the calendar year in which the application is received by the town clerk. 


A family member of a person qualified to vote by absentee voting may apply in the same manner on behalf of such person. Such applicant shall state his relationship to absentee voter, shall sign the application under the pains and penalties of perjury, and shall transmit the application to the town clerk.

Time by Which Absentee Ballots Must Be Received by Clerk

All absentee ballots voted shall be received by the town clerk before the hour fixed for closing the polls.

Late Ballots - Disposition

All envelopes received by the clerks office after the hour fixed for closing of the polls on the day of election shall be retained by them unopened until the time set by law for the destruction of ballots cast, at which time the envelopes shall likewise be destroyed, unopened and unexamined.


Absentee voting is not available for Town Meetings