Medfield Transfer Station


The Medfield Department of Public Works operates a secure, safe and environmentally friendly Transfer Facility for the residents of Medfield to properly dispose of and/or recycle common household items and non-hazardous waste.


The station provides excellent recycling opportunities and we encourage all residents to exercise environmental stewardship of resources and help reduce the bulk amount of trash that is deposited on the tip floor.

Transfer Station Permit Application

Access to the Transfer Station is limited to vehicles with a valid sticker issued by the Town.  Stickers must be permanently affixed on the lower driver-side windshield.  Stickers must include the license plate # of the vehicle.  Stickers are non-transferable and must remain on the vehicle for which it was purchased.  

Eligibility: Eligible vehicles must be owned or leased by a Medfield resident.  Acceptable forms of proof include: current motor vehicle registration or insurance binder with the primary garaging address in Medfield

Pricing: $110.00 first vehicle; $30.00 for any additional vehicle at the same address.  Acceptable forms of payment include credit card or check payable to the Town of Medfield.

Completed applications may be submitted in-person at the ground floor of the Town House, dropped off in the green drop box on Janes Ave or mailed to Town of Medfield DPW at 459 Main Street along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or online.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all information is provided.


NEW: Applications for a Transfer Station Sticker can now be completed online.


The Medfield Department of Public Works is proud to be a Recycle Smart Partner. To learn more visit