40B Comprehensive Permit Project

What is Chapter 40B?

Chapter 40B is also known as the Comprehensive Permit Law, was enacted in 1969 to help address the state wide shortage of affordable housing by reducing barriers created by local zoning and other restrictions. The goal of 40B was to encourage the production of affordable housing in all communities throughout the Commonwealth.

State Statute

Chapter 40B is a state statute which enables local Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to approve affordable housing developments under flexible rules if at least 20-25% of the proposed units have long-term affordability restrictions. The affordable single family homes, apartments and condominiums are reserved for those who make less than 80% or less of the median household for the area.

Additional Guidelines

In 2007, the Commonwealth issued additional guidelines regarding development under Chapter 40B. In 2007, additional guidelines were issued to provide specific procedures for conducting audits after the developments have been completed and for reviewing these audits when they are submitted to the state.

Potential 40B developments and the Town's affordable housing projections are available on the Affordable Housing Trust's webpage

Current 40B proposals under permitting review are available on the ZBA's webpage.

Please contact Maria De La Fuente, Director of Land Use and Planning, with questions about affordable housing and upcoming lotteries for affordable housing rentals units or home ownership units at mdelafuente@medfield.net.