Adult Respite Care - "The Club"

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Adult Respite Care Program at "The Club"

Are you caring for a loved one and starting to feel stressed, run down, and alone? If the answer is yes, then think about adult respite care at The Club, an economical fee based program for individuals experiencing mild cognitive impairment.  

Two days per week, The Club offers supervised activities and companionship in a caring, home-like setting.  A vibrant "adult center", it offers stimulating programs, engaging activities, and safe exercise classes.  Club members also have opportunities to socialize, reminisce, and enjoy lunch together. These are just some of the benefits of Club membership.

So, if you feel you need a break, call The Center at 508-359-3665 and inquire about The Club and availability.

Caregiver Benefits

Caregiving can be both rewarding and stressful. With proper support and assistance, your role as a care giver can seem less daunting. There is help in our community for you, where you can receive support, information, and resources. Medfield’s Council on Aging provides “The Club” at the Center at Medfield. This safe and supportive environment provides you some time away from your daily responsibilities of caring for your loved one. Whether you are caring for a parent, spouse or neighbor, call The Center at 508-359-3665 and schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your loved one.

The following are some of the caregiver benefits you can expect:

  • Personal counseling and support
  • Support group meetings
  • Information, resources, and referrals
  • Restored energy and decreased stress

The Virtual Club

Are you a caregiver looking for a few minutes to yourself? Our Virtual Club Program is on Wednesday from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Your loved one can join Kathy and Tricia for conversation, music, gardening talk, dog therapy and a variety of virtual activities. If you are interested in a short break, schedule an in-person CLUB hour for your loved one with Kathy and Tricia. Your loved one will enjoy real conversation, a stimulating environment and more importantly, an hour or more for your enjoyment! Call Kathy Powers

Caregiver Workshop: Being good to yourself while caring for someone else

Join the COA staff and guest presenter Peggy Wihtol, on Thursday, December 10 at 3pm via Zoom for a workshop that will give you permission to be “good to yourself”. The initial focus will begin on the Caregiver Bill of Rights, which you will receive via email. Care giving is hard work and can be all consuming. Peggy has hands on experience with care giving and has the tips and resources to help you take care of yourself while being a dedicated care giver. Areas that Peggy will focus on: 

  • 5 minute breaks 
  • Creating a "me" spot in your home 
  • Trying to accept rather than argue or change 
  • Looking for and recognizing the positive 
  • Sharing the load

Please call the Center at 508-359-3665 to sign up for this helpful presentation with phone number and email. The COA staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns about care giving. We are a phone call away.  

Schedule and Pricing

Tuesday and Thursday

  • · Full Day – 9:00am - 2:30pm ($50 Medfield residents/$65 non-Medfield residents)
  • · Half Day – 9:00am -12:15pm or 11:15pm-2:30pm ($35 Medfield residents/$50 non-Medfield residents)

All options include lunch and snacks


 Available in Medfield for additional cost