Weekly Classes

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Regular Activities

Quilting Class-Monday at 9:30am

Strength, Stretch & Balance- Thursday at 8:45am

Core Balance- Monday at 12:30 & Friday at 11:15pm

Exercise For Life I- Mon. & Wed. at 9:30am

Exercise For Life- 2- Mon. & Wed. at 10:30am

Line Dancing- Wed. at 3:00pm

Duplicate Bridge- Tuesday at 12:00 pm

Mat Yoga-Tuesday at 9:30am

Chair Yoga- Tuesday at 10:40am

Cribbage- Wednesday at 11:00 am

Whist- Wednesday at 12:30pm

Knitting Class– Wednesday at 2:00pm

Woodcarving Club- Thursday at 9:30am

Zumba- Thursday at 10:00am

Poker Club- Thursday at 1:00pm

Video Class- Tuesday at 1:30 pm

Tai Chi- Friday at 10:00am

Hand & Foot Cards- Monday and Friday at 10:00am

Three-Thirteen- Monday at 12:00 pm

Canasta- Thursday at 11:30 am

Bingo and Movies-Check Calendar

Scat on Wednesday at 11:30 am

Pokeno on Monday at 1:00 pm