Suicide Prevention

Medfield Youth Outreach is a founding member of the Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP) and is a member of the steering committee.  MCSP formed in September of 2017 in response to loss through deaths by suicide and how this loss has impacted the broader community.

MCSP's first undertaking has been to provide education about access to mental health resources and education to residents about how to prevent suicide.  

MCSP created cards to promote local resources and the INTERFACE referral service. INTERFACE helps all residents access mental health services for free. Check out INTERFACE here:

MCSP would like to provide an opportunity for every community member who desires to prevent suicide to receive gatekeeper training. A training program known as QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) has been offered twice to the community with over 90 residents trained since October 2017 and more opportunities are planned for 2018.  Police, Fire, COA staff, Medfield Youth Outreach Staff, and Veterans Services were all a part of this training program in December 2016. A special expanded gatekeeper training was a part of professional development provided to Medfield Public School staff in December 2017.  The Medfield Public Schools further provides the gatekeeper training, SOS (Signs of Suicide Program), to 7th, 9th and 12th grade students each year. Together we make a difference!

MCSP's new website created in June 2018:

If you would like to host a QPR or gatekeeper training program for your organization we would like to help.  Please call or email Medfield Youth Outreach.