Why did I receive a hearing notice?

You received a hearing notice via first class mail because you are a "party in interest", aka an abutter, to proposed construction or use that will be reviewed by the Medfield Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. The notice is required by statute to let you know that a public hearing is being held on the project at a particular place, date and time (the time may shift from the actual time on the notice due to other hearing scheduled the same night). It is also published in the legal notice section of the Medfield Press for two Fridays preceding the opening of the hearing (note: the notice does not appear in the paper the Friday immediately prior to the public hearing due to precise wording in the statute). 

"Parties in interest’’ as defined by statute, "shall mean the petitioner, abutters, owners of land directly opposite on any public or private street or way, and abutters to the abutters within three hundred feet of the property line of the petitioner as they appear on the most recent applicable tax list.

The application, plans, and supporting materials are on file at the Planning Department. You are welcome to review this information during regular Town Hall hours (M, W, Th 8:30 - 4:30, T 8:30 - 7:30, F 8:30 - 1:00). Most applications and supporting materials are available electronically and can be emailed. 

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