What are the ZBA's public hearing protocols?

The Board will first hear evidence from the applicant who will give a presentation on the project and requested relief. Then there will be a period of time when the Board may ask questions. Following that, there will be a question and answer period from the audience. If you want to speak or ask a question, please direct your question through the Chair and identify yourself by stating your name and address for the record. After that, there will be a period where people may speak in favor or in opposition to the application. The Board will then close the public hearing. The Board may or may not take a site visit, depending on the nature of the relief and the Board’s familiarity with the neighborhood of the property. If the Board does take a site visit, they will only observe the property and not take additional evidence from attendees. Once the hearing is closed the only evidence that the Board will take in is their observations at the site visit. Following that, the Board will render a decision. There are statutory time periods in which the Board must file their decisions with the Town Clerk. If you feel aggrieved by the Board’s decisions, there are certain statutory time periods in which to appeal the decision. If you do want to appeal the Board urges you to promptly consult an attorney because the time periods are short and strictly enforced. 

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