What is Zoning?

All property in Medfield is classified into a zoning district. These districts are located on the official Zoning Map, which can be found in the Zoning Bylaw or on the free online interactive maps on the Town website. These districts define the uses that are allowed in that district by right or by special permit (see Attachment 1 of the Zoning Bylaw). Each district also has specific regulations for lot sizes and setbacks (see Attachment 2). Specific regulations for parking (see Section 8), various commercial uses allowable by special permit (see Section 14). There are also several “overlay” districts that stipulate additional development controls in some areas of the Town such as floodplains, watershed, and aquifer protection.

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1. What is my zoning district?
2. How do I know what laws apply to my project?
3. What if I want to construct a new home, addition, or new business?
4. What is Zoning?
5. What is the difference between the Zoning Code and the Building Code?
6. What if my proposed structure or use is not allowed by the Zoning Bylaws?
7. What are zoning nonconformities?
8. Can zoning nonconformities legally continue to exist?
9. Can zoning nonconformities be enlarged?
10. When can zoning nonconformities be replaced as they currently exist?
11. When must zoning nonconformities be replaced to conform with current zoning requirements?
12. Why did I receive a hearing notice?
13. What should I expect at the public hearing?
14. What are the zoning requirements regarding sheds?
15. What is a Zoning Freeze?
16. What are the ZBA's public hearing protocols?
17. How to appeal a ZBA Decision?
18. What is the difference between a special permit and a variance?
19. Medfield Zoning Info for Homeowners and Realtors
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