Medfield Economic Visioning Project (Industrial Extensive District)

The Medfield Economic Visioning Project is a Land Use Department initiative, offered in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and funded by the One-Stop for Growth grant. The purpose of this project is to do an economic development analysis of the Industrial-Extensive district, located near the intersection of West Mill St and Rte 27, and see how the current district aligns with the community's vision for the future. To do this, the Town and MAPC are hosting interviews with local business-owners, and holding two public workshops to gather feedback from district residents, business-owners, and Medfield residents at large.

The main question we are asking business-owners and residents alike is What types of businesses or amenitie would you like to see in Medfield’ Industrial-Extensive (IE) district? and, how can the IE district evolve to support heightened economic activity?

Interested in participating in our brief survey? Click here.

The PowerPoint slides for the COMMUNITY VISIONING SESSION (WORKSHOP #1) can be found here

Interactive workshop results can be found here

Other helpful materials: