Compliments and Concerns

Chief’s Message

The men and women of the Medfield Police Department (MPD) have chosen a profession devoted to making our community safe.  In the course of a career, officers will encounter thousands of people who seek their assistance or require police interaction.  These encounters may take place in person, by telephone or in writing.  There are some circumstances where officers may be engaged in the performance of their duties and community members are bystanders to the event.  Regardless of the encounter, the public has a right to be treated fairly, impartially and with courtesy and professionalism.  We recognize that these interactions can occur under very difficult circumstances such as being the victim of a crime, requesting guidance on neighborhood disputes, traffic stops and arrests.  Our department members are trained and equipped to provide these services impartially and consistent with the law.   At all times, we expect our members to act with the highest integrity.  If you believe an officer has performed his/her duties with professionalism and compassion, a thank you is always appreciated.  If you feel as though the actions of the officer did not meet the standards of professional conduct or within the confines of the law, let us know.  It is our duty to ensure that all compliments and concerns are heard. 

Michelle D. Guerette 

Chief of Police


How Do I Compliment a Member of the Police Department?

Any person who wishes to compliment an employee should prepare a description of the incident and member(s) actions and can mail it to the Medfield Police Department located at 112 North St, Medfield MA 02052.  Emails can be directed to the Office of the Chief of Police at You may also fill out a form by clicking here.  

Letters/emails received will be placed in the member’s personnel file and may be considered for a department letter of commendation.


The Medfield Police Department has a trained and certified Internal Affairs Officer assigned to Administration. This person is designated to investigate any allegations of improper performance and present his/her investigation and findings directly to the Chief of Police. The complainant can complete the form located at this link and submit it online. Concerns can also be made in person, via email or telephone. 

The complainant can expect to be notified that the concern was received and is being investigated. The Internal Affairs Officer will ensure a thorough and transparent investigation and maintain contact with the complainant throughout the process. Concerns will be evaluated to determine if the offense alleged is procedural or criminal in nature and the investigation will be guided by that decision.

What Are the Possible Outcomes of a Complaint?

Sustained: Sufficient evidence to prove the allegations of misconduct.

Unfounded: Based on the investigation, the act(s) did not occur.

Exonerated: Actions of the involved member(s) were justified, lawful and proper.

Insufficient Evidence: There was not enough evidence to prove or disprove the allegations of misconduct.

Policy or Training Failure: Omissions or insufficient policy or training to address the allegations.

Where policy and training have been determined to be ineffective, the department will make aggressive efforts to revise or implement policy and/or training to close the deficiency.

Will I Be Contacted About the Outcome?

Yes.  The department receives very few complaints each year.  It is the philosophy of our organization that the Chief of Police or his/her designee will contact the complainant directly to discuss the investigative findings.