Personnel Board


Robert Conlon, Chair2023
Debra Shuman
Mark Fisher

The Personnel Board consists of three members who shall be appointed by a majority vote of a committee consisting of the Moderator, the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, and the Chairman of the Warrant Committee. The term of office of members of the Personnel Board shall be three years; initial appointments to the Personnel Board were for the periods of one year, two years, and three years respectively.  

No elected or appointed officer of the Town of Medfield and no person employed by the Town of Medfield shall be eligible for service upon the Personnel Board. The Personnel Board shall serve without pay.

Contact the Board

You can contact members of the Personnel Board via email.

Duties of the Personnel Board

  • The Personnel Board shall administer The Plan and establish such policies, procedures and regulations consistent with The Plan, as it deems necessary.
  • The Personnel Board shall maintain written descriptions of the job titles in The Plan describing the essential characteristics, requirements and the general duties.  The descriptions shall not be interpreted as complete or limiting definitions and employees shall continue to perform any duties assigned by their superiors.
  • The Town Accountant and Department Heads shall keep such records of the employees of the Town as the Personnel Board may require.  The Personnel Board shall keep such records of its own as it considers appropriate.  All records of the Town which pertain to the Town’s employees, by whoever kept, shall be open to inspection by the Personnel Board or any of its members at all reasonable times.
  • The Personnel Board, from time to time, shall review the work of all positions subject to The Plan.  Such reviews shall be so scheduled as to cover all such positions at intervals of not more than three years.  In case of urgent necessity, the Personnel Board may tentatively add a new position to the Plan or reclassify an existing position, subject to the subsequent ratification of its action by a formal amendment of The Plan at the next Town Meeting.  No such action may be taken in connection with positions subject to Civil Service Laws.
  • The Personnel Board shall from time to time review the Pay Schedules.  It shall keep informed as to pay rates and policies outside the services of the Town and shall recommend to the Town any action deemed desirable to maintain a fair and equitable pay level.
  • Upon recommendation of a Department Head, supported by evidence in writing of special reasons and exceptional circumstances satisfactory to the Personnel Board, said Board may authorize an entrance rate higher than the minimum rate for a position, and such other variances in The Plan as it may deem necessary for the proper functioning of the services of the Town.
  • The Personnel Board shall establish regulations governing the hiring of all employees covered by the Personnel Administration Plan, and shall provide guidance and assistance to department heads, boards, and commissions in the hiring, transfer, promotion and dismissal of personnel.