New Water Treatment Plant Project Page

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  1. Kristine Trierweiler

    Town Administrator

  2. Maurice Goulet

    Director of Public Works

Project Status 

Update: June 15, 2022 photos 

Update: May 11, 2022: Additional photos are available here

Update: April 26, 2022: Structural steel is being installed, including roof, door and window openings. Concrete work is underway. 

Photos of the project are available in this folder


For several years, the Medfield Board of Water and Sewerage, Department of Public Works, and professional consultants have worked to address manganese levels in water drawn from Medfield's Wells 3 and 4. After exploring alternative water resources, the Town determined that the most viable option was to install a treatment plant to remove manganese at the site of the existing Wells 3 and 4, located off Elm Street, behind the Wheelock School.

Additional information about the history of the project and additional project documents are available here

Project Scope

  • Construction of new treatment plant building and treatment system to remove manganese and iron from water pumped from Wells 3 and 4
  • Replacement of the existing Well 3
  • Refurbishment of the existing Well 4


Medfield's Wells 3 and 4 are located off Elm Street, behind the Wheelock School. The new Water Treatment Plant will be built alongside the access road, close to Well 3. The General Contractor and subcontractors will utilize the access road that runs along the soccer fields, behind the Wheelock School to access the site.  


Construction began on August 23, 2021 with tree clearing along the access road and at the site of the new treatment plant as well as sewer work on Elm Street and the access road. Site work at the location of the new treatment plant began in September. The project will continue for approximately 18 months and completion is anticipated in February 2023. Construction will typically take place during the hours of 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Weekend and Holiday work is not expected and any weekend work will be announced publicly. 


Due to construction equipment, deliveries of materials, and a high level of activity throughout the construction phase, the Town will limit public access along the road and near the construction site. Access to the Wheelock School or the soccer fields will not be affected by this project. 

Please see the map below. A full size version is available by clicking here

Medfield WTP Project Map - July 2021

The contractor anticipates constructing a connection to the sewer line in Elm Street in August, before school starts. This portion of the project may require a portion of Elm Street to be closed, but a police detail will be on site during working hours. 

Elm Street will experience higher than usual traffic due to arrival of construction workers, equipment, and materials. The Town will work to minimize the impact and any disruptions in the area of the access road and Elm Street. The Contractor will coordinate with the school department to avoid additional traffic during school pick-up and drop-off. 

Project Team

  • Medfield Department of Public Works
  • Medfield Board of Water and Sewerage
  • Medfield Permanent Planning and Building Committee
  • Owner's Project Manager: Woodard & Curran
    • The Owner's Project Manager (OPM) is contracted by the Town to help manage and monitor the project 
  • Design Engineer: Environmental Partners
  • General Contractor: Biszko Building Systems, Inc.

Project Budget 

At the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, a $12 million bond to fund the project was approved, incorporating all anticipated costs including construction, engineering, and project management. The debt service on the bond will be paid through the water rates on residents and businesses who use Town water. 

Please see the chart below for a breakdown of the project budget:

Medfield WTP - Project Budget by category