COA Van Fleet


Upon request, the Council on Aging (COA) provides safe, accessible and reliable transportation for any Medfield senior. This friendly, easy to use, economical service helps older adults maintain independence, offers flexibility, and promotes socialization. It also stimulates physical and mental health. In addition to the fleet of COA vans, the COA staff can also assist with arranging Medical Essential Transportation (MET), explained below.

COA Vans

The COA has three vans that seat 8, 11 and 14 passengers, respectively, with the 8 and 14 passenger vans being handicap accessible. The COA helps determine which rider requires more assistance and if the van lift will provide safer access to the vehicle.

COA Schedule and Availability

Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. to 3:15p.m. Availability depends on activities and trips scheduled by the COA.

Requesting COA Transportation

Call the Center at 508-359-3665, x200 least 24 hours BEFORE the required pick-up time. When calling, please provide the following information: name, address, telephone number, pick-up time, destination or activity.

Transportation Cost

Transportation for Medfield residents to The Center is free. A $2.00 donation is requested for in-town trips, and shopping trips to Shaws or Roche Brothers. The cost of special event and activity trips are associated with the event or activities and are indicated in respective announcements.

Transportation Schedule

Reference the Transportation Schedule for times associated with each day of the week

Medical Essential Transportation 

Medical Essential Transportation (MET) is a door to door transportation service for regularly scheduled medical appointments. Available to Medfield seniors, MET is part of the COA Volunteer Driver Program and uses volunteer vehicles or COA vans.

Medical Essential Transportation Policies

The COA and drivers strictly adhere to internal transportation policies that ensure the safety of both seniors and volunteers. These policies are available upon request. Please be aware:

1. COA policy states we are not allowed to take people home from a procedure where sedation is involved. Call me if that is the case and we can discuss possible options for you.

2. Medical transportation is meant to take you to your medical appointment and then home. Do not request or expect the volunteer to take you to a drugstore, grocery shopping or any other errands.

3. Please call Lois Abramo with your appointment as soon as it is made.  You can’t give it to me too early, but you can give it to me too late.

Requesting Medical Essential Transportation

Call Lois Abramo, Volunteer Coordinator, at The Center at Medfield at 508-359-3665, x201 as soon as you know about your appointment, but no later than at least 5 business days BEFORE the required pick-up time. This lead time is necessary to ensure the availability of a driver. When calling, please provide the following information: name, address, telephone number, appointment time, destination.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Susan works Tuesday through Thursday; if you call after 3pm on Thursday, she will not see that request until Tuesday morning. This can make it difficult to fill your request. You can never let her know too early.