Consultant Review Fees

Consultant Review Fees:

In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44, Section 53G, the Planning Board may impose project review fees for those applications which require the services of outside consultants for the review process due to the size, complexity, or scale of a proposed project; the need for additional expertise in the review; or because of the potential impacts of a project. The Board may engage engineers, planners, landscape architects, architects or other appropriate professionals. The general process is as follows:

  • Upon receipt of a complete application package, the Town Planner will forward the project to the Board's preselected consultant for a scope and estimate.
  • The applicant shall pay such fees to the Town of Medfield and such fees shall be deposited in a special interest bearing account with the Town.
  • If additional funds are needed in the fee account, the Planning Board will obtain an estimate from the consultant as to the amount necessary for completion of the remaining review(s). Said amount is to be paid by the developer prior to any further work being done by the consultant.
  • If requested, the Town Planner will provide the applicant with established billing rates for engineering and legal services.

 Expenditure of Fees

Outside consultants retained by the Planning Board shall be paid from this special account. The expenditure of said fees shall be at the direction of the Planning Board, without further appropriation. Said fees are to be expended only in connection with services rendered for the specific project for which the fees were collected

 Excess Fees

After completion of the Planning Board's review of a project, any excess fee amount, including interest, shall be refunded to the applicant or the applicant's successor in interest and a final report of said account shall be made available to the applicant or applicant's successor in interest.

Failure to Pay Fee

Failure to pay a Review Fee by the applicant shall be grounds for disapproval of the subject application or the withholding of a building permit, inspection(s) or occupancy.

 Administrative Appeals

The choice of a consultant selected by the Planning Board for the review of an application may be appealed in writing to the Select Board by the applicant, provided such appeal is initiated within one week of submittal. The ground for such appeal shall be limited to claims that the selected consultant has a conflict of interest and the Board (at a posted meeting) may select a consultant that has been previously interviewed by the Board during its solicitation process.

The required time limits for action upon an application by the Planning Board shall be extended by the duration of the administrative appeal. In the event that no decision is made by the Select Board within one month following the filing of an administrative appeal, the selection made by the Planning Board shall stand.


The Town Treasurer shall submit annually a report of said special account to the Select Board and Town Administrator. The Town Treasurer shall cause said report to be published in the annual report the Town. The Town Treasurer shall submit annually a copy of said report to the director of the Bureau of Accounts.